Special realization


Special realization of interior doors and frames

  • sliding doors opening to the wall or opening in the wall, transom lights frames or double door and jamb. In specific embodiments, we produce all types and lines of door leaves and frames.
  • fire doors and door frames - Negor intended area such as a boiler room , distinguished by resistance in the event of a fire because the wing is equipped with a flame-retardant filler, which is fire-resistant up to 30 minutes, frames are equipped with heat resistant gasket. They are available in all lines of door leaves and frames.
  • double doors and door frames shall be used in areas where we need greater door opening.
  • entrance doors are manufactured in house lines Domino, Comet, Favorit and record, the door is adapted to the external temperature effects, equipped with multipoint security lock, contain filler zvočnoizolativno flounder RSP - Rw = 29 dB, peephole and sealing floor bus, which prevents the passage of external influences (cold air, smoke and smell under the door).
  • door with upper window and side elements used where we have a darker spaces where would you want more light from adjacent rooms. Available in all models of doors from our production program.


Sliding doors:

sliding doors lesna vrata
Versions of the possibility of opening the sliding door and sliding door with fanlight and side members


Double doors:

Dvok. vrata
           Double door


Door and frame with upper window:

Vrata z nadsvetlobo podboj z nadsvetlobo
door with upper window

  frame with upper window


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