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Interior doors Comet


Veneered internal doors from the line Comet can be completely adapted to the interior design of your apartment.
Different types of veneers combined with stained glass windows and inlay of your choice bring harmony reflecting your taste, style and way of life.
The doors are also available in a version without glass windows and engraved patterns.
They are available as a dwelling entrance door and adapted to external temperature effects, fitted with multipoint security lock, sound-proof isolation flounder filler RSP - Rw = 29 dB, a peephole and a sealing floor bus preventing penetration of external influences (cold air, smoke and smell under the door ).

Optional veneers: oak, beech, ash, cherry, maple.
Inlay options: natural, dark brown, blue and dark blue bird maple.
Stained glass available in: green, red and blue.


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 Comet 01 Oak      Comet 04 Maple  Comet 05 Cheery
notranja vrata lesna comet  06 Javor lesna notranja vrata lesna vrata comet 07 Bukev lesna notranja vrata lesna vrata comet 08 lesna
 Comet 06 Javor      Comet 07 Beech  Comet 08 Maple


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